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Ontario Ministry of Labour Minist re du Travail Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction Inscription des constructeurs et des employeurs associ s des travaux de construction Pursuant to section 5 of the Construction Regulations made under the OHSA Before beginning work at a project each constructor and employer engaged in construction shall complete an approved registration form. The constructor shall ensure that each employer at the project provides to the...
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a signed copy of the certificate of completion to the owner. All completed forms must also be endorsed with a date of birth and the name and address of the person who performed the work. Construction Regulations (Ontario Ministry of Labour) No. 3 of 1987, Schedule "B" Registration of Registered Builders (Ontario Ministry of Labour) The form may be obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Certificate of Construction of a Building or Structure The Certificate of Construction and Certificate of Completion shall, when issued, entitle the owner to obtain the following rights: registration, registration of the builder's name and address and issuance to the builder of a Registered Builders Certificate. Certificate of Completion The Certificate of Completion shall entitle the owner to be issued a Certificate of Completion for every building or structure to which it refers. The Certificate of Completion shall identify: the date of registration of the builder; the name and address of the builder and the construction number of the work; and the name and address of the owner of the building, the land under which the building or structure is located and the period of time for which approval of the builder has been given. For buildings of more than three storeys in height or for buildings used to house ten or more residential units, a Certificate of Completion may also identify the name and postal address of the owner or lessee. In all cases, the certificate may contain the following statements. "This certificate of construction purports to be made under the authority of the Department, Ministry of Labour, in Ontario" "Under the authority of this certificate of construction, each builder shall be entitled to perform work at such and such a work site and not elsewhere, in such a manner and at such times during the course of time as shall be prescribed by the Minister of Labour, for each such work, and that the owner of such building or structure is not required to submit to the granting of authorization by the Department, Ministry of Labour, in Ontario, of the approval of such work". Notice to Owners and lessees of the Certificate of Completion The applicant must file with the Minister of Labour a notice stating: the name and address of the builder; the name and address of the owner; the builder's construction number corresponding to the completed project; and the period for which approval has been granted. Application to revoke a Certificate of Completion An applicant may file with the Minister of Labour a notice stating: the name and address of the owner or lessee;

Who needs a Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction Form?

The Ministry of Labor obliges all employers managing personnel on a construction site, including consulting engineering firms, to complete Ministry of Labor Form 1000, also labeled MOL 1000.

This document is often requested by the clients so that they can be sure in the legality of construction activities of contractors, who can be hired.

What is PDF Form 1000 for?

Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction Form is designed to provide detailed information about the construction project so that it can be referred to by the employers involved in the project and the clients.

Is the MOL Form 1000 PDF accompanied by other forms?

Speaking about employers filling out the form, there is no need to attach any other documentation. As for the documentation package usually requested by the client, it typically includes (besides of the 1000 Registration Form) Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (ESIB) Clearance Certificate and Health and Safety Policy, insurance proof, etc.

When is Form 1000 due?

The printable form 1000 must be filed before the beginning of work on the project.

How do I fill out the Form 1000, Constructors and Employers Registration?

The MOL Form 1000 must give answers to the questions on:

  • Nature of Business
  • Its name and full address
  • Names of Directors and Principal Officers
  • Average number of employees
  • Business License, Tax, ESIB and ESIB rate numbers?

Where do I send Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction Form?

There is no need to submit Form 1000 to any institutions. But, it is crucial that employers provide the completed form to the constructor and construction. It is displayed at the building site in case of inspection by MOL.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 1000
Instructions and Help about form1000
Hey guys this is Greg I just want to take a second and explain what the form 1000 is and how to go about creating it and filling it out it's really important that you get this done on time because if you don't if you failed to fill out your form 1000 what will end up happening is you lose your volume so if you've got five six $700 worth of BV in your personal or in your business development center and you don't fill out the form 1000 on time that volume can be purged and you could lose it forever and that could mean you know you not only affect yourself you affect everybody in your upline you affect a lot of commissions and what you don't want to have happen is if you're you know just about to receive a commission check and all of a sudden you lose 4 or 500 BV and it prevents you from getting that check and we don't want that to happen so here's what you need to do go into your back office you're looking at my back office right now and click on online forms actually don't click on it just hover over it and then you'll see here form 1000 so I'm going to click on this form 1000 now what's going to happen is the screens going to come up and if you have any preferred customers that are registered that have placed orders those orders are going to appear right here you'll see all of these orders right here now if you don't have any preferred customers yet and you have a place to any personal orders for product other than your transfer file your transfer by will not appear here but if you go in and you place an order for some additional market America products that will appear here you'll see here I've got a couple orders here these are actually from websites Market America web centers that I have sold to customers so what they're looking for here and the reason why you need to do this form 1000 is because in the past there's been a lot of network marketing companies that have gone and told people that they need to buy a lot of product in order to qualify for a level and what happens is that people end up with a bunch of product in their garage that they can never sell but they purchased at all just so that they could get to a level or someone in their upline could reach a pin level and really that's not the intent of this business the intent of this business is for us to go out and find customers and sell product and build a business now if you don't like to sell you know guys here's the thing you got to realize if you're going to be a business owner you're going to have to have customers you're going to have to sell product and so as you sell that product you are going to see those orders appear here ok so now the first step is you need to click up here where it says available quarters to view and you got to make sure that we're in the proper quarter now it'll list prior quarters and it'll tell you right here if your status has already been met so if you've already filled out the form 1040 quarter it's going to say right here like mine does...


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What is form 1000 registration of constructions?
What is PDF Form 1000 for? Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction Form is designed to provide detailed information about the construction project so that it can be referred to by the employers involved in the project and the clients.
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